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Doom with Stella’s plan- Will this be the end of her?

Doom with Stella’s plan- Will this be the end of her?
Doom with Stella’s plan- Will this be the end of her?

As soon as Stella sees in the series The Paradise of the Ladies, that she is starting to lose the game with Christopher and that he, not only does he not fall into her trap, but he is ready to uncover her and throw her outhatches a diabolical plan, so as to create guilt for everyone!

He goes to Christopher’s room and she takes pills with her, where she stages her suicide. He lies on his bedrenders her unconscious having empty pill boxes next to herso it looks like he got them. Christoforos carelessly enters his room and he is confronted with this horrible sight: Stella unconscious and the pills scattered. Christoforos loses it and cries for help in a panic! They take her to the hospital, where there the doctors with something simple and as a precaution a gastric lavage, they are told that the girl is fine but they are under the impression that she should be seen by a psychiatrist since her subject is purely psychological!

Naturally, this incident it affected them all and especially Christoforos who spoke ill of her, but also Amalia that he thinks he could to still have it closer to her and treat her like a real sister!

The staged attempt makes everyone to change their attitude towards her. Her exams are good while he manages to fool even the psychiatrist!

Yes, Amalia suggests they keep Stella on the job and that she pay part of her salary. But all this will be revealed in Matoula since Stella, thinking she is alone, he starts dancing and jumping something her mother sees when he suddenly enters!

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