His health is deteriorating

His health is deteriorating
His health is deteriorating

The health condition of the famous American actor Bruce Willis seems to be deteriorating as the weeks go by. The 68-year-old actor, who was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia, suffers from severe memory loss. In fact, the latest information states that, after he returned from a trip to Italy, Demi Moore went to see him and the star of “Die Hard” did not recognize her.

As “Closer” reports, the famous actress and his ex-wife is devastated. He had no idea about this whole situation and his rapidly deteriorating health. Bruce Willis is no longer able to communicate verbally. Recently his family has informed that Bruce Willis can no longer communicate verbally, however he recognizes his wife and daughters.

Writer, director and producer Glenn Gordon Caron, a friend of the Hollywood star, told the New York Post a few weeks ago that he was unable to contact him. “My feeling is that within one to three minutes he understands who I am,” he said. “He used to like to read a lot of books, but now he can’t. All these language skills are no longer at his disposal. He’s still Bruce, though.”

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