“I see myself on TV and sometimes I change the channel”


Her Vaso Laskarakis was welcomed by Eleni Menegaki on the set of her show. The well-known actress spoke, among other things, about her return to the theater after nine years of absence, about her debut in the presentation with “The Break”but also for the negative comments he receives from time to time.

Regarding her choice to present the show “The Break” this year, she said: “This year again I was negative at the beginning, but then I studied it a little more. It was the first time I said that this project was very close to me. It is very difficult work and requires a lot of focus and being well-read. I was embarrassed, but I “got the taste” before the press release for the show even came out. Every day I went to rehearsals in the theater and they called me to ask if everything was okay from the cameras they saw outside the theater.

Regarding the criticism that has been heard lately that actors are also involved in the presentation of shows, Vaso Laskaraki commented: “I don’t have any problem, I can sometimes even get upset when I see myself on TV and sometimes I change it. I knew I was nervous on the first show».

Regarding the viewing figures, Vaso Laskaraki noted: “Of course I will find out what is going on, but I felt more the need to see the result. My biggest concern is the other viewer having a good time when they decide to watch it. In the second show I kind of relaxed. And my mom said “well done my child, the second one was much better, the first one you were very stressed”.

After 9 years of absence, Vaso Laskaraki returned to the theater with the comedy “Unfriend” at the Neos Akadimos theater and the actress spoke about the role that the theater has in her life: “The communication I have with the people when I’m on stage I adore. Even now, when the shows start, I have a nervousness that passes after the first three minutes.”

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