This baby will not be born – Metaxia plans her next steps


The Witch: The developments in the next episodes of the series will be shocking – This baby will not be born – Metaxia plans her next steps

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Seeing that they cannot live their love life alone, Markos and Theofano decide to run away from everyone and live normally as a family with the arrival of their baby.
Theofano and Markos, who are also expecting their first child, decide to act in an act of absolute desperation.

According to TV24, unable to accept the fate that wants them to live a life away from each other and in absolute misery they decide to sacrifice everything at the risk of their own lives and run away from everyone and from all.

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Theofano is expecting Markos’ child and the legal heir of the family, and the secret of the pregnancy becomes known throughout the tower.

However, everyone is wondering who the father of the child is. Metaxia throws sparks from her eyes knowing that their maid is meeting her husband and the suspicions that maybe he is the father make her hate Theofano even more.

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This baby will not be born. She is not going to make her my husband’s successor” she monologues and methodically plans her next steps. On the other hand, Markos and Anastasia are the only ones who know the truth about the paternity of Theofanos’ child.

I’m afraid something bad will happen and father finds out” he says to his mother and she urges him “forget what happened and look at your wife, that’s right my son. ” but the decision taken by the latter to avoid the outcry brings Marcos to the brink of despair.

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Theofano and Frixos decided to get married in order for him to help his best friend in her difficult times. But this decision pushes Marco to his limits. “This marriage won’t happen, forget it. I will not allow you to marry someone else” he explains to her but she insists.

Marco, we both know we have no future. It will be very bad if he finds out that I am carrying your child. Forget what happened and forget me too and let everyone look at their lives” she tells him.

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But he does not give up his weapons so easily and offers her “we’ll do it together We will disappear from Mani, we will go to live far away and no one will be able to find us” he tells her and she wonders.

Are you crazy; What are you talking about; How do we do that?” he replies “leave it all to me, I will arrange it. I want you to be careful and that no one understands anything“. And together they start all the preparations to escape it trying not to give a target to anyone.

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In the meantime, while this is happening, Theophanos’ relationship with Agathi reaches its limits and the nun will make a decision that will further upset Theophanos’ nerves. She will be faced with her worst nightmare and is forced to confess her gift to the priesthood.

Things will now turn out to be particularly complicated for the girl as they consider her a witch and lock her in a dungeon for fear of causing great harm with her revelations.

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When the big day of Marcos and Theophanos’ escape arrives, he desperately searches to find her. That same night Theofano will be confronted with the darkest part of herself and everything changes.

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