Farm SPOILER – Thursday (9/11): The player leaving and the thrill


Which player will leave?

Thursday, November 9, 2023, 3:44

Farm: THE green team has come to a very difficult position, since the only certainty is that one will leave player her. THE Vaios Kokkinos and the Georgia Tsami they will need to fight hard in one difficult duelin order to manage to stay in the game and claim it big prize.

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The green team, after their defeat in Reward Testlost her too 2the Immunity Test of the week. THE Vaios Kokkinos, as the first gladiator, he was at the council of the tent and there he was called upon to choose his opponent. THE Georgia Tsami self suggested as 2the gladiator, as he considers himself to bear the greatest share of responsibility for the defeat of the Greens. Vaius hesitated quite a bit, but finally decided to keep his word to Georgia and chose her.

In the morning, the first to wake up are again the Nikos Parlantzas and George Giannakidis. They discuss the alarm clocks that go off before everyone wakes up, but also about Vaio’s decision to appoint Georgia as the second gladiator. A little later, Giorgos Giannakidis confronts him George Tsami on his subject morning wake up, but also for the responsibilities, which he has assumed and does not carry out. Giorgos Tsamis believes that Giorgos Giannakidis does not take care of the animals as he should.

The players from the blue and green team go to breakfast at two gladiators and then follows his visit Leonida Koutsopoulou. Georgia feels that they have deprived their team of victory and they have mixed emotions for today’s duel. How long does he want to stay? Vaios is not completely over his injury, but feels better.

He analyzes the reasons for his choice, but also the fact that he will face a woman. In the Barn Councilthe Elena Karambasi she shares her thoughts on her decisions as captain that don’t go over well with the rest of the team. Some players feel wronged by his attitude Giorgos Tsamisboth in relation to jobs, and in relation to charges, which they have accepted for the care of animals.

He, in turn, takes a clear position on what he has said, on the strategies followed in Farm and finally he talks about staged duels. What will be the reaction of his teammates? For the first time in “Farm» we will watch a duel between a man and a woman! What will be the result and which of the two gladiators will manage to stay in the game and continue their course to claim the 50,000 euro;

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