Theofano comes face to face with the darkest part of herself


Maria Apostolou

The Witch: The developments in the next episodes of the series will be shocking as Theofano comes face to face with the darkest part of herself.

What will we see again….

Agathi’s Revenge

Theofano’s increasingly frequent dives into her dark side as well as her attempt to fully conquer her charisma have brought her into great conflict with Agathi, who realizes that she has completely lost the control she exercised over her.

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According to 7 Meres TV, trying to stop her AND force her to return to her, in her waters… he is led to an extreme act. She addresses the priesthood and reveals to them her protégé’s inclination towards the forces of evil.

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She asks them to intervene in order to bring her back on the straight path and so very soon Theofano, who arranges the last details of her escape with Marko, trying not to give a hand to anyone, comes face to face with the worst nightmare.

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She is now forced to confess her gift in front of the priesthood and of course accept the consequences of her actions, until now. At the same time, Markos, who is unaware of what has happened, is desperately looking to find her so they can escape.

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That same night, the tower of the Lascarians celebrates its new captain while Theofano, locked in a cell, confronts the darkest part of herself. A piece that surprises even her as from the moment it was revealed nothing can remain the same.

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