Odysseas Stamoulis for the loss of his ex-wife, “hits back”

Odysseas Stamoulis for the loss of his ex-wife, “hits back”
Odysseas Stamoulis for the loss of his ex-wife, “hits back”

The ex-husband of Katia Nikolaidou Odysseas Stamoulis mourns again three months after the death of his 11-year-old son: His words about the loss of the beloved actress

The news of the tragic loss of Katia Nikolaidou who “passed away” at the age of 58 after a 20-year battle with cancer causes sadness.

Her ex-husband Odysseas Stamoulis spoke by phone to the Super Katerina show, where he expressed his deep sorrow for the event that comes three months after the death of his 11-year-old son.

“I have talked to her for over 20 years but I am devastated at her loss. It is and answers the blows that I can not distinguish from sadness. Only sadness,” says the actor.

“I was devastated… which I was anyway. Condolences to her people”, Odysseas Stamoulis said closing his message for Katia Nikolaidou.

Her complaint some years ago

The two actors were married for a short time, keeping their marriage out of the limelight.

“My husband decided to leave and not stand by me. We broke up when I was in the middle of this process and that cost me more than the illness,” Katia Nikolaidou said back in 2018 on the show “Arga” with Theodoris Atheridis.

“There comes a day when another may not dawn and you feel like he won’t be there to hold your hand as a human being you feel bad.”

“Yes, it was difficult, but I said I would make it. I had a very strong will and said that I would live and not die from it. I was worried about my parents and I was saying that I will be fine and they will suffer something”, Katia Nikolaidou had said closing the issue.

“We had some events then and these things have a sequence. If you change a little, either in your thinking, or when you narrate the sequence of events, the whole meaning changes. Since he even indirectly wants to refer to me, let him do it”, the actor stated at the time, noting that he was not the one who chose to get a divorce.

Since then, the two have not been mentioned publicly again, to each other’s faces, while in recent years Katia Nikolaidou has stayed away from television, making frequent public appearances.

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