| “Hair pulling” for two famous Greek singers | “Hair pulling” for two famous Greek singers | “Hair pulling” for two famous Greek singers

Their duet was the hit of the song, but now they don’t even say hello to each other and the reason is their common song…

Until a month ago they were close friends, they made a joint appearance at MAD which was the success of the summer, they vacationed together in Mykonos and now they don’t say… not even hello!

Anastasia and Josephine, after their huge success with the song “you are a goddess”, had a fight and not only will they never work together again, but they won’t even talk again!

The reason; How Josephine, as we were informed by OPEN, decided to release this particular song on her own, while Anastasia’s team had found it…

So let’s enjoy them one last time!

Josephine and Anastasia dance in the pool in hot swimsuits (Vid)

Not long ago they appeared together on stage at the Mad Awards and caused panic with their explosive performance. It seems that they couldn’t get enough since then and they said to go on vacation together by fucking the whole island.

Recently a video was uploaded on TikTok where we see her dancing in the pool in hot swimsuits in an incredible view!

@josephinewendel Our vibe all summer #e#eisaimiathea#f#fypシ ♬ Anastasia x Josephine Eisai Mia Thea – minosemi_official

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