Aspasia puts fuses on Curacos


Christos Paschalidis

The Land of Olives: The developments in the next episodes of the series will be shocking as Aspasia puts fuses in Curacao.

Well, he doesn’t want too much…

Kourakos once again expresses his jealousy towards Dimitra while Lykourgos’ decision to get a divorce shocks Haidos and Maria, Athena and Margarita try to comfort her. At the same time, Kourakos gets irritated as a supposed information about drug trafficking turns out to be false.

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Of course, he is unaware of the fact that Vaiakos is a minion of Demosthenes and he notified him in time. In the meantime, Ares and Ismeni arrive in Athens and Constantine sits on burning coals while Lycurgus realizes that Paraskeuas is playing double board and tries to admonish him.

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The Land of Olives: Manos is going to be a dad

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According to TiVi Serial, Manos and Ariadne meet at the flower shop and Marina catches something romantic in the atmosphere. Stathis began to bond with his daughter and offers her “why don’t you stay here with me permanently? You like the area anyway.“.

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The Land of Olives-Ariadne-

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Maria’s behavior is strange and Athena is now sure that she is hiding something. At the same time, Vasiliki invites Stathis to the table with Ariadne and Paraskevas tries to understand if there is something romantic between them, while he shows a huge interest in the young lady.

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Apostolis makes a move towards Filio and her reaction shocks him while Aspasia puts fuses to George saying to him “We had a great time yesterday, I had a table at Orestis with Dimitra“.

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