Kypriani saves Spilios


The Witch: The developments in the next episodes of the series will be shocking after Cypriani saves the Cave

Let’s see how this will go…

The Gerakarides are organizing their reaction to the impending attack of the Turks and Cypriani asks for the help of the other captains who stand by Spilios.

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Everyone, except for Michael who leaves the headship of the family while Markos plans to elope with Theofano. But Agathi catches up with them.

Faced with the danger of the Turks, who in a show of strength are determined to annihilate the Gerakarides to set an example for all the Maniatians, Cypriani has only one way out. To suggest to her son to take his family and leave Mani as soon as possible.

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However, according to 7 Meres TV, for a proud pirate like Spilio this is unheard of. He only gets angry when he hears his mother uttering such a conversation and hurries to organize his counterattack, while Cypriani, seeing the suffering that awaits the Gerakaris, makes a desperate attempt to save her faction.

He gathers all the captains of the place and asks them to join the side of Spilios, helping him to repel the coming attack of the Turks.

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She knows very well that it is difficult to convince them while at the same time she is fighting against time as her son has already made his plans and is ready to strike.

But at the same time, the traitor of the Gerakarides visits Emre to warn him of Spilio’s next moves. The Lascareos once again find themselves acrobats on a tightrope.

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The Witch-Michael-

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Michael is the most powerful of the Mani captains and his contribution to Mani in repelling the Turks is vital. But after what has happened he is not sure about the decision he has to make.

The whole family is anxiously waiting to find out if they will follow the other captains and join the side of Spilios, but once again he will surprise them.

While Emre decides to trust the traitor and adapt their plans to Spilio’s movements, Michael begins to suspect that his lost brother Janetos was the infant’s killer.

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Unbearably pressured by the guilty secrets he kept hidden for so many years and by the mistakes that now call for punishment, he makes a decision that falls like a bolt of lightning on the tower of the Laskareans. He resigns as head of the family and now has to anoint one of his two sons as captain in his place.

Markos is the firstborn and the one who rightfully deserves the position, but lately he has raised his own flag by openly defying his master’s decisions.

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And as if he wasn’t devastated by everything and especially by the marriage he never wanted to make with Metaxia, he has made the decision to run away with Theofano, the only woman he ever loved.

Of course, Michael is completely unaware of this, as is everyone in the tower, but unfortunately for the couple in love, this plan will never come true.

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