Yiannopoulos on Kasselakis: “His love with Tyler drives me crazy”

Yiannopoulos on Kasselakis: “His love with Tyler drives me crazy”
Yiannopoulos on Kasselakis: “His love with Tyler drives me crazy”

The well-known actor Giorgos Giannopoulos spoke about his career, his personal life and Stefanos Kasselakis’ relationship with Tyler.

The beloved actor referred to the successful series “To Soi Sou” in which he starred, saying that it is often mentioned that the series will return but it never happens while he also talked about his fans.

“They probably like Soi playing in reruns because we get almost nothing in money from reruns. Everyone reads every year that ”Soi” will happen again but it never happens. It has put me in a difficult position many times as a fan but I get over it. This year in Kalamata a girl came in the sea with paper and pen to sign her autograph. I saw her get upset because I didn’t give her an autograph because I was in the water. So I came out and apologized. I don’t like to make people unhappy.”

Referring to the love scenes in the series he has played, he made a series of revelations.

“Some years ago a colleague was sweaty, smelled a bit, and I couldn’t do the love scene. I have done love scenes with big names and everything was fine. It takes self-respect. Before you kiss, you will brush your teeth, eat a piece of gum, take a bath, and not eat tzatziki and onion. The obvious.”

“In Chuck, they haven’t kissed on the street”

In relation to Stefanos Kasselakis, he said that the new president of SYRIZA does not have a political opinion, while also referring to his relationship with Tyler. “If I see his political point of view, then I will comment. His crush on Tyler drives me crazy. People’s passions drive me crazy, they make me. It hurts that he shows so much of his companion, his dog. He wants relaxation. They look into each other’s eyes and cannot hide the passion. In “chuck” they haven’t kissed on the street. I wish they did. It’s a great capsule. They have also taken out the names of their children.”
The relationship with his mother and his personal life

George Yiannopoulos also mentioned the death of her mother. “I think my mother when she had Alzheimer’s knew me deeply. I was hurt by the fact that I lost my mother. Not that she was sick. There is only one mother. I told her everything and she told me too, that’s why I didn’t regret not telling her things before she left. I was playing “Daddy Don’t Pass Again” when I lost my sister. For us it’s work. Work as I say. I went and buried my sister, and then I had an afternoon performance. I forced my way into the casket for the scene of the play ‘Daddy Don’t Die Again’.”

The beloved actor revealed that he is in a relationship while he also talked about the shows he stars in. “I have a girlfriend and she is fine. I am of the opinion that “what has to be done will be done and what has not been done should not have been done.” If I’m going to have a family I will, if not I won’t be upset about it. We are on the small stage ”Omega” in the municipal theater of Piraeus in the play ”Elefas” by Kostas Bostanzoglou. A work of universal dramatic value, which has been staged twice and now it is Tuesday. The direction is by Lefteris Yovanidis and we are with Besy Malfa from Wednesday to Sunday. I am also at the “Acropolis” theater with the children’s play “The High Mountains” by Zacharias Papantoniou. The children love me as ”Hampea” and they make a mess. At the point where I get off the stage as a gendarme, there’s a mess and I’m playing with the kids.”

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