Patrick Dempsey: Grey’s Anatomy’s ‘McDreamy’ Sexiest Man Alive 2023

Patrick Dempsey: Grey’s Anatomy’s ‘McDreamy’ Sexiest Man Alive 2023
Patrick Dempsey: Grey’s Anatomy’s ‘McDreamy’ Sexiest Man Alive 2023

Almost two decades after Patrick Dempsey’s first appearance in the beloved TV series Grey’s Anatomy, our favorite “neurosurgeon” who stole our hearts from the first moment, has been named by People magazine as the sexiest man alive for 2023.

“I’m glad this is happening at this time in my life,” says the 57-year-old actor.

It was like I had been a bridesmaid for years and now I was finally the groom

“It’s nice to have the recognition and it definitely boosted my ego a little bit, but it also gives me an opportunity to use it for something positive,” he added, referring to the Dempsey Center, which he founded in honor of his late mother. from life, to support cancer patients and their relatives.

The beloved Derek Shepherd, as he was called in the series Grey’s Anatomy, who from 2005 to 2015 won the heart not only of Meredith Pompeo, but also of every woman who watched him in the series, said that when he was informed about the title that was originally given to him he was shocked and then laughed heartily.

“I thought it was funny. I know my kids will troll me and tell me all the reasons why I shouldn’t get the title, but that’s okay. It’s all these reasons that keep me young,” he told People magazine.

Jokingly he added that it was as if he had been the bridesmaid for so many years and now he was finally the groom.

Continuing to talk about the title of Sexiest Man Alive, he mentions that he realized that there is another side to the coin, which is that there are some things that are not usually in our power to claim and eventually happen to those who have the patience and perseverance to wait.

For those who don’t know him

The doctor who has caused a frenzy since the first moment he appeared on the “glass” comes from Maine and is 57 years old.

He is married to Jillian, who has her own beauty line, and with whom he has three children: Talula, who is 21, and two 16-year-old twins, Sullivan and Darby.

His career in Hollywood spans almost four decades and this year is the year we will see him return to cinemas. He will co-star with Adam Driver in Michael Mann’s Ferrari, with Dempsey taking on the role of Italian F1 driver Piero Taruffi.

A role that is cut and tailored for the actor, who has stated that one of the greatest passions in his life is driving fast cars and for this reason he has also been a driver in speed races in the past.

In particular, he mentioned that as soon as he found out that Michael Mann was preparing this film, he immediately called him and asked him to be a part of the film.

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