Maria Tzompanaki: Her reaction to a comment about Nikiforos’ funeral in “Sasmos”


One of the most moving episodes of his career so far “Sasmus” the viewers of the series watched on the evening of Monday 6/11.

The heartbreaking scene of Nikephoros’ funeral with the lamentation of Calliope and Vasiliki were the scenes that stood out. However, some netizens who watched the scene expressed their objections to the way the funeral ceremony was presented.

“All the funerals from another century” wrote one of the TV viewers of “Sasmos” on the series’ official profile on Instagram, causing her immediate reaction Maria Tzobanakiwhich also happens to be from Crete.

“Not from another century at all. In Crete we honor the dead in this way. And when a young man leaves, he also includes elements of marriage in this difficult farewell. Because the dead man did not live to see him. We also bury their dead in a built grave. We don’t pour soil over it, but the grave is sealed for some years. For centuries now Crete has kept its customs. Don’t make fun of something you don’t know,” wrote the actress in response.

The article is in Greek

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