A corpse in Chiari sows terror

A corpse in Chiari sows terror
A corpse in Chiari sows terror

Shocking developments are coming in the next episodes of the OPEN series, Fugitive Love, as a corpse in Chiari turns things upside down.

Specifically, everyone’s main concern at the moment is Margeta, since she has disappeared. Everyone has moved heaven and earth to find her but in vain, while concern has been caused by the fact that they found her personal belongings near the river.

Jason feels a lot of guilt and remorse because all this time he was like enemies with his mother, while on the other hand Markos realizes that while Margeta is away, the opportunity to reunite with Alexandra is lost.

And as if that wasn’t enough, a corpse appears in Chiari as we will see in the sequel to Eros Fugas and everyone is terrified, since they think it belongs to Margeta.

In the end, however, according to Telerama, it is a well done Kontogiannis, with his death complicating things even more.

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