“Whenever you want, I come to discuss who exposes who… In general”


Her Marianta Pieridi journalist Fai Fotou and his camera met Morningafter the walk with Dimitris Katrivesis, shortly after we learned of the serious crisis in their relationship.

Initially, Marianda Pieridis made it clear: “I don’t want you to ask me about my personal affairs” and then addressed Giorgos Liagas: “If you want, it would be very interesting to discuss a situation from the male side. Whenever you want, I’ll come so we can talk.”

Marianda Pieridis confirmed on camera about the proposal for the YFSF. “The offer is valid but since we are going to start the show, I want to be 100% focused on it, so I wouldn’t be able to participate. I like both the song and the presentation. I tried the second one this summer and it excited me, I would like to continue it. The song, also, in any other way except at night” he said characteristically.

Finally, Marianda Pieridis was again asked about her personal information and addressing the camera and Giorgos Liagas, she said:My George, whenever you want, I’ll come and we can talk about it. It would be very interesting to discuss who is exposing who… More generally. I think the girls there in the group didn’t want to answer you like you should. I love you».

See the excerpt below:

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