They “died” Dimitris Frangioglou – The legendary Chlapatsas responded with a video on tik tok!


Dimitris Frangioglou became widely known to the television audience through his participation in the successful comedy of ANT1 entitled “The Children of Greece”. There the popular actor embodied the role of Chlapatsa, one of the most characteristic television heroes of the 90s.

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In recent years, there have been quite a few macabre – and apparently non-existent – reports that relentlessly claimed that Dimitris Frangioglou had “passed away”. In fact, the actor himself has touched on the subject in interviews, answering with the special humor that distinguishes him.

Over the weekend, the beloved actor responded to the macabre rumors, this time through his personal account on TikTok and indeed in a special, humorous way.

“Hello, good afternoon. As you can see, I live and eat spaghetti. Bon appetit,” Dimitris Frangioglou said in the video he uploaded from the kitchen of his home, once again dealing with the ridiculous situation with humor.

@dimitrisfrangioglou I’M ALIVE!!!…and eating spaghetti!


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