Andreas Mikroutsikos: The answer to Nana Palaitsakis


THE Nana Palaitsakis stressed on Tuesday morning through the show “Mega Good Morning” that it is a shame to show Light’s statements about Andreas Mikroutsikos, without first informing him.

“It is a shame what they are doing to Mikroutsikos. I will not refer to Light’s statements, but if this is what your own people do, then what do you expect from those who are your enemies. They did something that is unacceptable.” commented the journalist.

Katerina Kainourgiou, through Super Katerina, could not help but comment on the specific comments, asking Andreas Mikroutsikos if he is in a difficult position.

“Andrea, I’m being told that I’m embarrassing you on this show when we talk about Light. Am I embarrassing you? They conveyed it to me. I see Stamatina in the morning,” Katerina Kainourgiou said initially.

“I saw it and even took Stefanos Konstantinidis to tell him exactly the opposite. When a video is played where I am not up to date and Stefanos knows I am not up to date on the issues. And that they embarrass me when I see the video. When I go home and open my cell phone it will ring 35 times. And I’m not a network person either, imagine if I were.

We play it here and you get my reaction, for me my reactions are spontaneous because I have a perception, I have an opinion and I don’t package them or arrange them. It’s best to play it and see my natural response, even if sometimes I get angry” answered Andreas Mikroutsikos.

The article is in Greek

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