“I found a grenade and my brother dismembered in front of me”

“I found a grenade and my brother dismembered in front of me”
“I found a grenade and my brother dismembered in front of me”

The actor Thodoris Katsafados spoke about the death of his brother, which has marked him. “He was my other half, we did everything together” he says describing the grenade accident…

The actor Thodoris Katsafados spoke to “Pame Danai” about the theater performance he is participating in, the loss of his wife, and the guilt he feels for the death of his brother. When a grenade he had found went off in his brother’s hands and killed him. From that day on, nothing remained the same in the actor’s life.

At the beginning, the actor spoke about his professional activities: “I am at the Anesis theater with the performance “Prosecution Witness”. I am happy to be in this job with this troupe. The filming of the movie “17 threads” with Sotiris Tsafoulias is over, it’s a real story. Now I’m filming the series “Blackboards”. I won the first award for acting for the movie Purgatory, I have the award and it’s very emotional.”

He then referred to his wife who has “gone” from life: “My daughter, Marilou, is the first person I share everything with. She and my event are my life. I tell them everything and they tell me everything. We were about 40 years together with my wife. We met in a Kostas Voutsas troupe. Losing my wife, Christina, changed my life.

It’s not exactly a matter of mourning, I’m trying to get used to another reality. If I leave a dish unwashed I now know it will stay there no longer, unwashed. I can’t stand the familiarity with death projected by the media. The close-up of Mary Chronopoulou lying dead was unacceptable.”

He did not hesitate to share the loss of his brother and how it has defined him as a person: “I had found a grenade and with it my brother was killed and dismembered in front of me. This fact defines me until my death, it is my identity. When something happens in my life, pleasant or unpleasant, I think about what my brother would do. There is a balance of what my brother has lost and what I have gained. He was my other half, we did everything together.”

And he added about his brother’s death: “I blame myself because I found the grenade. For three years I did not speak, I was guilty and ashamed. I’m talking about 50-60 years ago but even now these things are happening. My friend Odysseus lost his little boy. How can parents bear this?”

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