My son will bring the bride to the church

My son will bring the bride to the church
My son will bring the bride to the church

Nikos Kouris spoke to Eleni Menegaki about his decision to walk up the steps of the church with his beloved Elena Topalidou, after 18 years of being together, as well as their son’s reaction.

As Nikos Kouris said, “the decision to get married was made because suddenly this year we both realized that now it makes sense to do it, because now we can do it in a way that pleases us both. They ask us why we remembered it now, 18 years later. Even our friends.”

The problem with answering this is that we don’t have a couple who have been together, single, and in love long enough to understand it. We have many couples who have been together and married for many years, but who do not understand why we are still in love, he explained.

“And for us, if we look at it from the outside, it’s strange. But, when we go to do it, there is so much excitement and joy because there is this living thing, but we cannot find it among our friends. They tell us, “either you do it in two months, or in a year, but 18 years later…”, the actor initially said.

“Do you want it to be like in the movie “A woman should not be afraid of a man” and we divorce as soon as we get married? We are thinking about this… We love this movie very much. With marriage, something changes if you look at it from the point of view of something becoming permanent, but we are not such people. Neither I nor Elena are people who want to tie our ass.

We want to experience this thing with all our friends, that’s mostly it. And to celebrate as if it is a restart, as many do a second marriage, renewal of vows. We basically want to have a party”, added Nikos Kouris.

He then revealed the reaction of their now teenage son when they announced their decision to get married:

“Our people were very surprised. More than everyone, however, our son, Petros, was surprised. He never expected it. He was used to it. He had forgotten it too. But the joy that Peter got, that is the great happiness for us. We understood that this meant something to him, which we had not thought of. Children don’t talk. And Petros never says anything that will make us sad. This is a gift of life.

Petros doesn’t want to upset us, he doesn’t want anyone to be upset, because his soul is so good and he is so cool. He’s obviously holding things inside him. With the marriage he got such joy, I think even he did not know that he would be so happy. It’s fantastic that he’s all grown up now and we’re going to experience it together. Petros will bring Elena to the church, this moves me very much… When we look at Petros with Elena, his features are so rare and such a touching creature that we can hardly accept that we did this”, said Nikos Kouris.

Finally, about his beloved and future wife, Nikos Kouris said: “Elena is a creature so open, with such humor, such generosity, such kindness, that her case is proverbial. She can be a bit camera shy but she gets over it straight away, no issues, not closed off. She’s just connected to another universe, she’s from another planet.”

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