I went to get a pimple removed and they say “tell us your closest relative, you’re dying now” – Thestival


On the show of Grigoris Arnautoglou, Nikos Poulmentis was hosted on Monday night (6/11). The distinguished chef described how an unknown Greek helped him find a job in New York when he was determined to return to Greece, talks about his daughter Marianna Poulmentis, who participated in the Greek MasterChef, while shocking with his description of the day he arrived one step before death.

“I have 4 children. My eldest daughter from my first marriage went on Greek MasterChef. He did very well but failed in the psychology subject. These programs have a lot of psychological pressure, they pressured her and she raged like a child”, says Nikos Poulmentis.

“As a cook she has talent, she is good. She asked me for advice, the last dessert she made was mine. She is hesitant to come to America, but the house is always open”, adds the well-known chef, stressing that he has no intention of returning to Greece.

“Exactly 6 years ago I smoked like a cigarette and I go to a doctor to remove a pimple I had on my back. He tells me: you’re going to do some tests, because I’m going to put you to sleep to remove it, it’s infected”, Nikos Poulmentis then describes for the first time publicly about the serious adventure he went through with his health.

“The doctor does a cardiogram and says: tell me now who is your closest relative, you are dying. I give my wife’s phone number and they were looking for a hospital to send me to. I didn’t feel anything but I had 99% blocked central artery of the heart. I had a stent put in, the last drops were coming and I was saved by the millimeter”, concludes Nikos Poulmentis in his story.

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