“Arte Povera” also set “fire” in Thessaloniki: The moment when LEX takes the stage (vids)

“Arte Povera” also set “fire” in Thessaloniki: The moment when LEX takes the stage (vids)
“Arte Povera” also set “fire” in Thessaloniki: The moment when LEX takes the stage (vids)

After Athens, Beats Pliz’s symphonic rap album was also presented in Thessaloniki, with Thetro Gis getting… on fire.

The Arte Povera of Beats Plz is the first symphony rap album that even if one imagined the collaboration of violin, orchestra and rap, the result exceeds all expectations.

First was the success of the documentary film “Arte Povera” at the box office. Then there was the frenetic course followed by the release of the music album of the same name which “climbed” immediately to the top positions of the global Spotify charts. Then came the first live on the stage of the historic Lycabettus Theater and yesterday the special live where it all started: In Thessaloniki.

The mood of the public was such that it was suffocatingly filled Theater of Earth and turned the hazy Saturday night into a hot night, singing along with the artists to every verse of their tracks. Many even climbed its rocks Theater of Earthin order to watch their favorite artists live Enthusiasm, applause, shouts, smoke for each individual rapper and of course for Beats Plz.

As in Lycabettus also at the Earth TheaterThe Beats Plz initially presented in a 1.5 hour documentary all the stages of its creation Arte Povera. Afterwards, the creator took the stage as another conductor, together with the New Generation Orchestra and the Choir Chorus Vivendigave his own recital as the 9 “Avengers” of Greek rap excited the audience.

Rappers Addiction, Little Thief, Dani Gambino, Bloody Hawk, Sadam, Vlospa, Hawk, Wang and of course Lex came out in order and at the end bowed to Fotis Georgiadis.

At the end of the explosive live, the creator enjoyed a prolonged applause from the audience.

What stood out from last night’s concert was the moment when Beats Pliz brought Bloody Hawk on stage to wish him a special birthday.

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