Land of Olives – next episodes: Lycurgus finally manages to learn the truth from Haido

Land of Olives – next episodes: Lycurgus finally manages to learn the truth from Haido
Land of Olives – next episodes: Lycurgus finally manages to learn the truth from Haido

Fast-paced plot, repeated twists, never-ending developments are coming in the next episodes of MEGA’s drama series “The Olive Land”. What we will see from Monday 6 November to Friday 10 November at 21:00.

Dimitra and Kourakos go to eat in Kalamata and Demosthenes sees them.

Land of Olives: Episode 36 (Monday November 6)

Philip feels remorse that his mother had to kill Sotiris to save his life. Ariadne is abused by Stratos, but is afraid to report him to the police as he is involved in rings. Lykourgos tries to find out from Haido why Sotiris wanted revenge.

Haido avoids answering him and pretends that the pressure has increased to buy time. Anastasia reveals to Areti her relationship with Apostolis and she explodes with jealousy.

Dimitra and Kourakos go to eat in Kalamata and Demosthenes sees them. Lykourgos finally manages to learn the truth from Haido.

Land of Olives: Episode 37 (Tuesday, November 7)

Athena finds herself in a difficult position as Filio continues to get bullied and doesn’t want to go back to school. Ismeni feels insecure about her collaboration with Ares. However, Constantine supports her despite his doubts. Areti goes to find Haido to give her courage, but she doesn’t miss the opportunity to scratch old wounds.

Later, Haido calls Lykourgos trying to find them, but his attitude remains hard. Ariadne is at gunpoint and allows Stratus to make love to her, causing her to collapse. Manos and Marina seem more in love than ever, as the adventures they’ve had lately have brought them even closer.

Ariadne decides to go to Mani for a few days and Stathis declares himself ready to welcome her. Irene is jealous of Anna’s new watch and asks her father to buy her the same.

But Aspasia has a different opinion. Ismeni moves forward with Aris and he finds it difficult to contain his excitement. Haido goes to Lycurgus’s house to play her last card, but he makes it clear to her that they have broken up for good.

Land of Olives: Episode 38 (Wednesday, November 8)

Ariadne appears in Mani and agrees with Stathis to introduce her as the daughter of a friend of his from the army. Haido tries to convince Lycurgos of her views on marriage, but he adamantly insists on separation. Margarita is informed of the developments and Lycurgos attributes the separation to a mismatch of characters.

Orestes still professes to be in love with Demeter, forcing Aspasia to confess to him what she knows about Demeter and Curacos. Anna asks Apostolis not to move out of their home and to continue their cohabitation, but he refuses.

Land of Olives: Episode 39 (Thursday November 9)

Potis tells Anna about the mysterious girl who entered the cafe and that Stathis took her and they left together. Aspasia sees Irene’s new watch and becomes furious with Demosthenes for buying it for her. Stathis takes Ariadne around and shows her the beauties of Mani. Father and daughter become even closer.

The work is progressing and Ares suggests to Ismeni that they go to Athens together to show her some procedures in practice. Kourakos is jealous that Dimitra and Orestes ate together at Manos’ house.

The detective informs Iulia that Ariadne had a relationship with someone who was abusing her and she tells Stathis. Anna tells Vasiliki that Stathis is walking around with a little girl and is putting strange thoughts in her mind.

Land of Olives: Episode 40 (Friday November 10)

Philip asks for Ismeni’s help in order to reunite their parents, but ignoring the real reasons that led to their separation. At the same time, Vasiliki is ashamed of her father’s guest, not knowing that Ariadne is her half-sister. Alcmeni announces to Antonia that she will return home, but in strictly friendly moods.

Stathis introduces Ariadne to Lykourgos, while the whole village gossips about her presence at Stathis’ side. The news will soon reach the ears of Areti, who will become furious. Stratos manages to find out that Ariadne is hiding in Mani and goes to find her.

Directed by: Adreas Georgiou

Scenario: Vana Dimitriou

With Nikos Galanos

Starring: Paschalis Tsarouhas, Antigoni Kouloukakou, Tassos Iordanidis, Dora Chrysikou, Vassilis Michas, Elena Christofi, Panikos Pilalis, Ifigenia Tzola, Dionysis Papandreou and notary public Maximos Moumouris, Antonia Charalambous, Alexandros Martidis, Stefani Charalambous, Giannis Kritikos, Antigoni Neof ytou, Angeliki Kintoni, Melina Conti, Zoe Gerazi, Naya T. Karakosta, Vasso Pavlou, Nicole Christodoulou, Nikos Kosonas, Miltos Harovas, Irini Tassos

Orestis, George Angelopoulos

Angeliki, little Cleo

And the:

Stella Firogeni

Koulis Nikolaou

Vasia Panagopoulou

Friendly participation, Angela Gerekou

Lykourgos, George Partsalakis

In the role of Margarita, Lydia Koniordou

Guest star, Maro Kontou

Production Execution: MAKE IT PRODUCTIONS

Production: ALTER EGO MASS MEDIA SA MEGA 2022-2023

The article is in Greek

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