“I love you” to Aleka Katseli and the relationship with his parents

“I love you” to Aleka Katseli and the relationship with his parents
“I love you” to Aleka Katseli and the relationship with his parents

Actor Aris Lebesopoulos spoke about Aleka Katseli, the great tragedian and his teacher, who he had as his mother in an interview – confession.

THE Aris Lebesopoulos was Maria Bakodimou’s guest on Sunday’s “Hello” on SKAI and the well-known actor was mentioned, among other things, in Alexa Katselian artist and woman who marked him since apart from being his teacher he also felt her like his second mother.

The actor shared with Maria Bakodimou unknown aspects of his relationship with her, specifically mentioning that shortly before she passed away, he told her “I love you”, which he had not told his parents.

I told her ‘I love you’ just before she passed away. I put it together and there on the bed she smiled. She was like my mother. My gain three years out of school was that I met this woman who was like a mother to me. And this light and her love accompanies me even though she has passed away. It is a blessing when you have the love of a person in this profession”, said Aris Lebesopoulos initially.

Asked about his relationship with his parents, the actor confided that there was an awkwardness, and after they died he reflected on why he never told them I love you.

My father never said ‘well done’ to me but always kept a record or told me about others. Shortly before my father left, one afternoon I was at a table and my mother suddenly asked him, ‘Dimitris, didn’t you dream of becoming an actress?’ and he bowed his head. Think I might have done something he wanted… He was always anxious and I could understand it. For years he called me to ask me if I ate and if I had money, he knew something”, he said.

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