Pulp are coming to Release Athens 2024 on Thursday, June 20, at Water Square

Pulp are coming to Release Athens 2024 on Thursday, June 20, at Water Square
Pulp are coming to Release Athens 2024 on Thursday, June 20, at Water Square

Pulp, the top band from Sheffield, have reunited and are playing gigs across the UK. Next summer they will also come to Greece, at the Release Festival, on Thursday, June 20, at Platia Nerou.

Greece and the Release Festival is one of the destinations of Pulp, a band led by the charismatic Jarvis Cocker and songs that marked an entire generation.

“Common People”, “Disco 2000”, “Something Changed”, Razzmatazz”, “Do You Remember The First Time?”, “Babies”, “Lipgloss”, Sorted for E’s & Wizz”, “This Is Hardcore” are only some of the masterpiece singles they gave us, giving a unique quality to what is called pop music.

“Let’s all meet up in the year 2024!”, is the message of Pulp, the band that never looked like anything else. That’s why they are justifiably part of the golden quartet of the Britpop scene (Oasis, Blur, Suede and Pulp).

A few words about Pulp

Since their inception in the late 70s, when Jarvis was just 15 years old, they have followed a path of their own. The first two albums – “It” (1983) and “Freaks” (1987) – did not reach the general public, but the arrival of the 90s was to change everything.

With the band’s lineup solidifying, one great record follows another. “Separations” (1992) immediately caught the attention of audiences and critics, with some great tracks such as “My Legendary Girlfriend”, “Death II”, “Countdown”.

In 1994, comes “His ‘n’ Hers”, the masterpiece that changes their level, with a series of singles and album tracks that remain untouched by time, foreshadowing the world for the triumphant continuation.

The monumental “Different Class” (1995) would launch Pulp into the stratosphere, making everyone talk about them. Main reason, “Common People”, the absolute anthem of Britpop and one of the best pop singles of all time, without the slightest exaggeration, which is the brightest peak in an album full of such. A timeless pop song of wit and bliss that will never cease to sound contemporary and meaningful.

“Different Class”, as a whole, remains the album that is at the top of every list concerning the British scene of the 90s, unsurpassed both for the rest of the contemporary bands and for themselves. The charming “This Is Hardcore” (1998) and “We Love Life” (2001) completed their discography to date, true to the creative and adventurous spirit of a band that always wanted to change and advance their music.

Indie, glam-pop, alternative rock, art-rock, it’s hard to label Pulp. They had the gift of talking about things that we are sure we have experienced too (or would like to)!

Immersive, theatrical and at the same time thoroughly entertaining, just like Jarvis Cocker! One of the best lyricists of his generation, witty, elegant in a special way in his velvet jacket, with his big bone glasses and his unique dance moves.

Pulp disbanded in 2002, triumphantly reunited for concerts in 2011, and so did their tour this year, which was adored by everyone, calling their stage presence the equivalent of their glory days.

More names for both the day and the rest of the festival lineup will be announced soon!

More information on tickets here.

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