The mobster’s thug minion

The mobster’s thug minion
The mobster’s thug minion

The developments in the next episodes of the series “Land of Olives” will be disruptive, as it will be revealed that Vaiakos is a minion of Demosthenes.

Orestes takes action

Orestes who stopped his work as an undercover police officer due to his health, is now back in action in the same capacity according to MyTV magazine, but unbeknownst to others.

Meanwhile, Demosthenes starts drug trafficking in Mani again and this time he makes Vaiakos his minion so that he learns news from the police itself. So Vagiakos, as we will see in “Gi tis Elia” at some point when the department is informed about a drug trafficking information, tells Demosthenes but in the end it turns out that it was not true.

Days later, Orestes sees drug dealing in front of his eyes and decides to take action and says nothing to Curacos, as he is now hurt by the backstabbing he gave him with his relationship with Demetra.

Orestes discreetly begins to investigate the matter without anyone understanding anything. But when he realizes that Demosthenes is the “brain” he will be stunned….

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