TikTok’s most viral love story was a hoax

TikTok’s most viral love story was a hoax
TikTok’s most viral love story was a hoax

It was a few days ago when a TikTok account made some users of the popular platform get emotional, cry, and also write thousands of comments about the forbidden loves of this world.

User Frank Johnson introduced herself to the TikTok world by initially posting a video with 3 photos. In the first two photos we see him. He is an elderly gentleman, who also has a very nice style. So far so good.

In the third photo of the post, he introduces us to him Jackhis youthful great love, who passed away in 2004.

“My beloved Jack. I miss him to this day. He left me on 4/11/2004. Our love was never accepted. My niece created this video for me, luckily I had some old photos. I miss you Jack and can’t wait to see you again,” Mr Frank wrote, creating one wave of emotion on TikTokmaking said video viral within hours.

He then posted a new video, with another photo from the past, where we see him next to Jack, with Mr. Frank writing that this man saved his life.

“Me and Jack at a younger age. I’m the one on the left. Oh how much I would pay to go back to those days. Thank you all for your sweet comments on the last few posts. You are all so kind, thank you all,” she captioned the post in question.

26.7 million people watched these two posts, of which 5.9 users clicked like. At the same time, the profile in question managed to gather 68 thousand followers.

If nothing else, such a beautiful post, it’s especially positive that it’s getting so much support from the platform users. And those of us who came across these posts thought that Mr. Frank would surely be happy with the love he received from so many people.

And here comes the plot twist of the story.

The touching story above is just one lie. The gentleman in question is not named Frank Johnson, and he was never romantically involved with “dead Jack”.

In fact, this gentleman is called Ingemar Albertssonis Swedish and works professionally in the field of fashion.

In particular, the 73-year-old is a fashion blogger and through Instagram he makes sure to present to his fans all the latest fashion trends for people his age.

In fact, he himself has been married for many decades.

As it turns out, someone just found some pictures on the internet and concocted a sensational story, with the goal of gaining attention and possibly money and advertising.

And he succeeded.

To this day, most people who “came across” this profile, will believe that everything they saw and read is true. That’s why they generously gave their like and follow, which in the world of TikTok translates into exposure and a source of income.

What does TikTok pay?

Ever since TikTok came into our lives in 2019, there has been a huge increase in the number of people posting videos online with the aim of making money.

However, there are also many shrewd ones, who proceed with these types of posts, with the aim of earning money by deceiving the unsuspecting users of the platform.

But how much does TikTok pay through the Creator Fund?

According to Hitc, the money that TikTok gives for views is 2-4 cents per thousand views.

TikTok has not officially announced how much it pays its creators, and the specific amount varies from user to user. However, influencers using the TikTok Creator Fund report that TikTok pays them between 2 and 4 cents per thousand views.

Some of the biggest creators on TikTok often have up to 70 million views on their videos and post daily. So even 2 to 4 cents per video will add up to a great deal per year.

Many TikTokers who make money through the app do so through sponsored posts, placements, and selling products. How much everyone will earn depends on the number of followers, the number of comments and likes and the type of account.

When a creator exceeds the limit of 10,000 followers, a company can offer them from 100 to 500 dollars to mention them in a post. As followers grow, more promotional offers are made to creators, who can gradually raise their prices.

Don’t believe what you see

The digital age is flooded with information and content that can be misleading or even outright false.

Below are some tips on how we should handle unknown information online:

Check out the sources: Make sure the sources you use are reliable and verified. Look for verifiable facts and confirm the accuracy of information before accepting it as true.

Rate the sources: Review the history of the website, account or person providing the information. If you doubt the reliability of the source, seek additional information from other independent sources.

Look for the background: Before accepting an article or report as truth, research the background of the subject. It is important to understand the context and possible alternative interpretations before forming your own opinion.

Apply critical thinking: Don’t accept what you see as truth. Consider the logic behind the information and be wary of content that seems exaggerated or shocking.

Contact experts: Seek the advice of technology and internet experts, especially when information seems complex or difficult to understand. Experts can provide clarity and depth on topics that go beyond everyday knowledge.

Recognize persuasion techniques: Recognize the techniques used to get you to believe something that is not true (eg appeal to emotion, fear). Be wary of charged news or posts that try to hit you emotionally.

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