| Trials have begun for the new Survivor – Meetings with 5 celebrities | Trials have begun for the new Survivor – Meetings with 5 celebrities | Trials have begun for the new Survivor – Meetings with 5 celebrities

The first meetings are held at the production offices of Atjun Ilijali. Who is Turkus waiting for in the next 24 hours and who made it clear that he will not go…

The countdown to Survivor 2024 appears to be on as the Turkish producer Ajun Ilijali and his team begin the casting. On Tuesday morning, would-be Fighters came through the door of the offices and had some small talk with the executives.

In fact, as revealed by the show Fay’s Time and Alexandros Katsaridis, the casting for the Fighters will continue in the coming days. Then it will be their turn to choose Famous for the new season of the survival reality show to air in January 2024.

Although no final decisions have been made yet on whether there will be all star celebrities, Ilijali would definitely like specific names.

Stathis Schizas, George Angelopoulos, James Cafetzis and Katerina Dalaka, they are the persons who are in the thinking of the decision-makers and the production. Katerina and Stathis, in fact, may have participated in “Survivor All Star”, but the dream remained half-finished. The first was expelled, while the second left voluntarily. So, they might venture out again especially since the money is plentiful. Of course, it should be noted that Stathis, in a recent interview, left no room for saying “yes”.

Danos is always at the top of the preferences, but he himself has made it clear that he would not return to Santo Domingo as a player. Especially now that he’s going to be a father! So, as everything shows, the production will be oriented towards new faces!

Also, the last name released for a return to reality is that of Yiannis Spaliaras, but the well-known actor-model clarified in an interview that he is not thinking of returning.

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Pink megaton scandal in showbiz – Survivor player “cuckolded” her married partner!

A big stir has started in the wells of showbiz with the revelation that a Survivor player, cuckolded her partner and is now on vacation with a married man!

The survivor spoiler may not pertain to the game itself, but many times the reality show was the reason for postponing the developments surrounding their relationship and its formalization.

The revelation was made as reported by the newspaper “Espresso” by a reliable source. This source reports that a horn fell and even from the side of the former Survivor player.

From one businessman to another, a cigarette is the way, the issue is that as it leaks, she left the bachelor businessman for a married businessman with whom she even went on vacation with him, with her uploading rich photographic material.

Some midnight messages on the mobile phone, a trip abroad and many suspicions forced the businessman to kick her out of their house, while at the same time the new partner’s wife seems to know nothing!


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