Sofia Vossou: “When I saw Andreas Mikroutsikos in the hospital I was very scared”

Sofia Vossou: “When I saw Andreas Mikroutsikos in the hospital I was very scared”
Sofia Vossou: “When I saw Andreas Mikroutsikos in the hospital I was very scared”

An exclusive interview with “Let’s go Danae!” provided by Sofia Vossou.

The singer mentioned that she would like to present a show again, but not to audition. As she explained, “people who have done significant numbers and established things, we cannot be tested.”

Television partnerships

“I have done a cooking show when I was cooking for Tatiana Stefanidou, it was a great success. The cooperation on the show “Speak” did not work because Tatiana did not want to go. I’m bitter about the way it ended. The show ended on Friday and when I was leaving he took me and said “we won’t do it again”. It’s for laughs and for tears. If Tatiana suggested to me again now that we do something, I wouldn’t do it,” he said.

“I would never work with Elda Panopoulou again on television. It was something that happened, it’s over. I left “Between Us” because I didn’t like the intrigues.”

I knew that Andreas Mikroutsikos would succeed

Sofia Vossou also mentioned the health adventure of her ex-partner and presenter Andreas Mikroutsikos.

“When I saw him in the hospital I was very scared, but I knew he would make it. When he opened his eyes he told me a joke and I knew he would be fine.”

As she revealed, there was never a break in relations with Andreas Mikroutsikos, while in the past the presenter had proposed marriage to her.

For her daughter’s wedding

The daughter of Sofia Vossou, Erasmia Manou, married her lover Vassilis Dimakis, who is a prisoner in the Korydallos prison. The ceremony took place inside the prisons and the singer said she was happy about the wedding, “even if things are unorthodox for the system”, as she said.

“As far as I know, Vassilis will be released from prison and they will find their way, because now they are suffering with visits,” he said.

“I believe that Vassilis Karras…”

The singer faced some health problems with her stomach, which she said she overcame with strength.

“I told the journalists what I have, but they wrote whatever they wanted.”

For Vassilis Karras, who is fighting his own battle, he said:

“It’s a gem. I believe he will get well and come back to us. We haven’t spoken to Vassilis Karras because I know from my own experience that at that time I didn’t want a lot, I wanted my peace”.

One of her weaknesses is Michalis Rakintzis, to whom she could not refuse to perform with him at the Glass Music Theatre.

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