“They’re twisting it all, bit of a shame”


On the distortion of what he said in yesterday’s plaque with the Eleni Voulgaraki made a speech George Liagas in the Breakfast. In fact, the presenter referred to a specific article entitled “the hard face of the employer».

Giorgos Liagas said: “Helen, welcome! You have realized that you have come to a show where we cannot say anything, they distort everything. Look at the level of journalism. We’re joking, because it’s a joke. I knew that Eleni Voulgaraki has a radio until 10, I knew it when I proposed to her in the summer. We knew she would be here at 11. So we are making a joke, because we are human and we need to relieve ourselves… It was a sweet joke, I told her that “we miss you, let’s share you with Lambropoulos”. And they wrote “Liagas told her to Voulgaraki, the cruel face of the employer”. I mean, a bit of a shame…”

In her turn, Eleni Voulgaraki added with a smile: “Since we made the agreement together, I’m not even late for the show. I don’t have a problem with Fanis, nor with Giorgos.”

See the relevant excerpt:

The article is in Greek

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