Death of Matthew Perry: The first results of toxicology tests


Where, finally, is the death of the actor attributed and what do the experts answer about the fentanyl and methamphetamines that were discussed a lot, mainly, on the internet in the previous days

The cause of death of Matthew Perry, who was found dead in his apartment in Los Angeles last Saturday, remains unknown. Based on what has been known and with the official toxicology test results pending, the only thing that was certain was that Perry’s body was not found fentanyl or methamphetamines.

The above is mentioned in a publication of TMZ, which cites information from police sources.

The possibility of using these drugs was widely discussed on the Internet, immediately after the announcement of Perry’s death and while the problems he had been facing for years with his addictions were known.

A spokesperson for the Los Angeles Fire Department told Page Six that the actor “was pronounced dead prior to the arrival of first responders on the scene.”

According to the same media outlet, no illegal narcotics were found on the premises during the search, other than prescription drugs, including anxiolytics, anti-depressants and a COPD medication.

Matthew Perry has previously spoken about his battle with his alcohol and opioid addiction, detailing his journey to rehab in his memoir Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing.

It is worth noting that one fact that came to light and caused excitement for “Chandler” from “Friends” was that he was in talks for a new job, while preparing to start a foundation to support people who struggle with drug abuse.

With data from TMZ, Page Six

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