Danai Barka: “I didn’t imagine it even in my wildest dreams”

Danai Barka: “I didn’t imagine it even in my wildest dreams”
Danai Barka: “I didn’t imagine it even in my wildest dreams”

On the evening of Tuesday, October 31, Danai Barka decided to publish via Instagram a short conversation with an Instagram follower, who attacks her and persistently wishes her to “die”.

“I opened it this morning” she writes to her followers and quoted both the other profile’s messages and her own, as she replied to him. The message read: “Gam…a to die To die sk… Sc… you are Danae sk.. Psofa”.

The presenter’s reaction

Danae Barka answered him: “Be well! ok, i’ll put it on the schedule. I have a whole day of filming today, I’ll make a note of it for tomorrow.” At the same time, she gave another message to those who follow her on social media.

“If someone tries to tell you that you can’t do something, don’t even answer. Do it and let life and the outcome answer them. Dream and make your every goal a reality. I’m telling you that I didn’t imagine even in my wildest dreams all that has happened,” she wrote in her stories, urging her online friends to see her post.

The vulgar message

Her optimistic outlook

The presenter of Mega, publishing at the same time an optimistic message she received, wanted to answer: “For every message like this, there is another one like it. It’s a matter of what messages we stand on and what we hold onto. I suggest you dwell on fine things in life. No, I don’t know more than you, nor am I playing teacher… I’m just saying my opinion,” wrote Danai Barka on Instagram.

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