The actor Alexandros Koboyorgas died

The actor Alexandros Koboyorgas died
The actor Alexandros Koboyorgas died

Alexandros Koboyorgas, the actor who became widely known through his participation in the series “Lover of Western Suburbs”, has passed away.

The news was made known by the actress Kalliopi Evaggelidou with a post she made on Facebook:

“It’s strange what you did, Alexander. To leave so discreetly, not to allow us even a goodbye. The truth is that this attitude is very much in your character. I know that all your classmates at the drama school of the Athens Conservatory are devastated and you will justify these posts to us. What happened was unfair. No matter how you look at it. Very unfair.”

In the series “Lover of Western Suburbs” the actor played the “brother” of Marilita Lampropoulou.

The cause of his death is not yet known, nor has anything related to how the actor “gone” been published.

Apart from being an actor, Alexandros Koboyorgas was also a costume designer, set designer and director.

Examples of his work in the theater were the performances “Glass Craft” (2017), “Don Quixote” (2020), “The land of storks…a tale of the sea” (2018) and “The Uninvited Visitor” (2019).

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