In my village they thought I worked in a strip club

In my village they thought I worked in a strip club
In my village they thought I worked in a strip club

Albert Camus’ “Caligula” was the reason his fellow villagers thought he was working in a strip club. Nikos Psarras described to Grigoris Arnautoglou a funny story from his village, Soho, Thessaloniki.

This year, Nikos Psarras stars in ANT1’s “Magissa” and on Tuesday night (31.10.2023) he was a guest of Grigoris Arnautoglou on The 2Night Show.

The well-known actor talked about his first steps at the State Theater, about his father who did not want to become an actor but a doctor and about the big misunderstanding with his fellow villagers!

“For me, Sochos is my village, my confidence, the place where I was born, grew up and dreamed with wonderful childhood friends. I wouldn’t trade my childhood in Sochos for any Kifissia or Kolonaki”, said Nikos Psarras initially.

“When I finished high school, I went down and took exams at the State Theater. I did not pass the first year, nor the second. I entered with the third. To justify my presence in Thessaloniki, I went and enrolled in a School of Market Law, in Euclid. My father had tied the knot that I would enter Medicine, but to his bad luck, I ended up at KTHBE.

My father used to say: “you will appear on television and the village will make fun of us”. The village was his world. Apart from my close friend, Paschalis, no one in the village knew that I was in the State Theatre,” he continued.

“When I finished my exams in 3rd year of KBTHE, I gave my graduation exams at the Royal Theatre, so all my childhood friends came and saw me there. One of the pieces I had was Caligula by Albert Camus, and the name “Caligula” started circulating in Soho.

At some point, after no two months, one of the Municipality catches me and says to me: “we have learned something and we are very upset with the Mayor, that you work in Caligoula”. This was a strip club at the Thessaloniki airport. So in the village they thought I was probably working there at some men’s striptease night”, revealed Nikos Psarras with humor.

The well-known actor revealed that the last episodes of the series “The Witch” are currently being filmed, which are “difficult, cruel and very interesting”.

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