The different start: “I don’t feel good guys”

The different start: “I don’t feel good guys”
The different start: “I don’t feel good guys”

Today’s show of Eleni Menegaki on MEGA had a… different start, since the presenter did not hesitate to express a complaint.

In particular, she didn’t like that there was no music playing, as she thought it was a rehearsal.

“Let me see… You didn’t play music today?” Did our dj take a day off? Left; Was he desperate? Were we driving him crazy too? I’m not feeling well guys, sorry. Tap something from a mobile to play. They are saying something upstairs, they are all talking together, I don’t understand what they are saying.

Well, without music I think it was a rehearsal because our show music cue plays two or three times before we go out and then blank, you don’t hear anything on set. So if you don’t hear even a little bit of music you don’t understand what’s going on, you think you’re rehearsing. Don’t take any calls, don’t yawn because these things have happened to me too.

If I don’t get in anyway if Dora Anagnostopoulou doesn’t close my ticket. Today, dear Dora, today you closed the report with some smiles… You stuck with me too. Without knowing why you were smiling… Every time you hear in my dressing room “thank you, my gifts”. I like it very much. Her eyes speak volumes, her smile is beautiful”, concluded Eleni Menegaki.

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