“I have to look at myself”

“I have to look at myself”
“I have to look at myself”

18/09/2023 | 17:59
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Guest at her premiere Elenis Menegakis was found Nikos Moutsinas. The actor and presenter was initially reported on his decision to stay away from television.

Nikos Moutsinas: I was pressured

Nikos Moutsinas referred to the tragic events, with the floods, the fires, the murder of Antonis Kargiotis and then said: “I make my cross that I am not on TV, right now. I felt very forced last year and that’s why after Tempi the show was modified and one piece most days had to do with social commentary, not political at all. I’m not a politicized person and I don’t think that any of the parties we have can do anything,” Nikos Moutsinas initially said.

Nikos Moutsinas: I have to look at myself

Nikos Moutsinas then said: “It was my need, but also the team’s, to say something, we have to talk, it’s impossible not to position myself. And I said “Hey man, sit down, what can you send back?” and so the need arose for me to say something. Because I strained too much with wars, Pispirigou, Tempi, “emptied” the system and I said I can’t help but look at myself”.

Eleni Menegaki asked Nikos “is that why you stopped?”, with the presenter giving an affirmative nod.

Nikos Moutsinas also mentioned: “It was brain wandering. My colleagues didn’t believe it. I was telling them that next year I can’t get into it, I’m going to go crazy, I’m going to start cursing, I’m going to go crazy in the air, because I was drowning. I made the decision, suggestions were made to me, but nothing was happening for me to be activated.”

It didn’t take long for his phone to ring for new TV proposals: “They were all very kind. “My Niko, we heard that you are tired, let’s make you a proposal” they told me. They were very sweet, I had to say I stop for them.’

Regarding the viewing figures, Nikos Moutsinas said: “I don’t know what people want to see from me on TV. The show last year didn’t make any numbers to talk about. Anyway, the numbers are for crying out loud, don’t pay attention. I think I managed not to be affected by all this at all. We went and did what we want, to entertain people and let another point of view be heard. I’m not sure what people want. She wants to laugh from somewhere else, Zeta Makripoulia did numbers. Zina Koutselinis and Tatiana Stefanidou also made numbers with the social reportage. you don’t know exactly what people want, they go through their phases. Maybe if he wants to tune in with the blackness around him.”

Bad news for Giorgos Kapoutzidis: Unfortunately…

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