Her difficulty in ‘Do what you sleep’ – ‘It was a line on the board and I couldn’t’

Her difficulty in ‘Do what you sleep’ – ‘It was a line on the board and I couldn’t’
Her difficulty in ‘Do what you sleep’ – ‘It was a line on the board and I couldn’t’

The guest at Studio 4 of ERT was on Monday (18/9) h Jenny Theona. The well-known actress talked about her latest professional steps as well as her personal life and the relationship with her son and herself.

In particular, regarding her participation in the second round of the series “Pretend I slepty”, she seemed excited. “I can’t describe my anxiety at the start. I had unimaginable anxiety and stress. It was a very big change from the previous project, to find a new engraver, a new code,” he said characteristically. About what the audience should expect in the upcoming episodes said: “There’s great development and constant twists and turns so don’t try to guess (what’s going to happen), watch it. Whatever you think is wrong.

Finally he revealed what made her most difficult in her role math teacher impersonating: “My Christ, I had such a hard time learning a function. Does not matter. I can learn ten scenes a minute. A function – actually explain to me what I’m saying, I didn’t understand a line in the table. I couldn’t,” he said.

Regarding her character and the success she has experienced in her work, she stated: “I’m not ambitious, but growing up or because I was oppressed or because it’s my character, I’m more humble, more calm. I have no illusions of triumph or that I will excel and come out on top. Or that I’ll be clapped out and out in Hollywood. It is not possible and in this job there is no linear work-performance relationship. (…) I have spent many years internal self-flagellation and I have survived. The voice inside my head was telling me “you are no good”. And when he is not talking about work, he finds other fields to decorate.»

Today “I feel that I’m in a good place, I feel very good about many things, unlike two years ago, when Arionas was little, when there were many changes and I was very stressed. (…) But now I have found a balance. Now, I reward myself and feel more ready and mature and at peace than ever. I am growing, maturing and seeing a lot of results in my relationship with the child which is very important to me. And as long as he’s calm and happy and I feel he’s mentally healthy, I’m very happy.”

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