Fugitive Love: The End of Jason

Fugitive Love: The End of Jason
Fugitive Love: The End of Jason

Antonis Karystinos gave a revealing and comprehensive interview to gossip-tv and talked about Eros Fygas and the role he plays in the Open series, that of Iason.

The well-known actor also referred to the success of the series, for the theater but also for the tragic ending that he will have in Eros Fygas.

We left you covered in blood at the end of the first season of Runaway Love.

At that time the gun was taken out for fun because there was a code of honor and moral values ​​were different.

We were very happy for this success because beyond the numbers there were also the moments. As it happens in the theater. Beyond the blood and bullets we did some scenes that I’m really proud of. We did a very nice job even though the series is daily and the scenes were many and difficult.

Was there a scene that was particularly difficult for you?

I don’t let the scenes make it easy for me. And my colleagues and I, we are not easy. We all have a love for work, we also do theater where you strain and try to support every word, every moment, every breath, every pause. All the scenes made it difficult for us because we didn’t have them ready.

In the series you are all actors. You don’t have additions of people from reality TV or someone who just has thousands of followers on social media.

I won’t give my opinion on reality shows. In such cases, you give him a friendly pat on the back and you know that the scene will reach a level, no higher. And you just say pity! This has not happened to us and nothing like this has ever reached my ears. In fact, very good actors such as Anna Andrianou, George Papageorgiou and others are joining the series!

Your profession also has an uncertainty. How did you manage this?

In my early years it was unimaginable that every three to six months something would end and you would say “what now?”. Because of my character, I don’t knock on doors, but if you’re young, you throw resumes under doors. After all these years I got used to it and got lucky. There were jobs I didn’t do so well at but also jobs I’m proud of.

In what order do you think the world identifies you?

The repetitions are such that even some children tell me about “Para five” or “Saturday-born”. I am very happy.

In repetition we also saw Eros Fuga this summer. Some who hadn’t watched the series in the winter saw it now.

That was a really cool idea. A double episode was also played, in the evening zone. Many people saw it for the first time and many others saw it again.

What are your career dreams?

I dream of when I will play theater again because last year I canceled the show and I won’t play this year either because the filming is so demanding that it is not possible. When the second season is over, I would like to play in the theater next year.

Unless the series continues for a third season…

I won’t be in the third season. At some point I have to die. This will be a very right thing to happen and so it will happen. It is not possible for the same people to play for 150 years. This will happen and it will be interesting.

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