Classic Rock 7: The night is approaching when rock meets the symphonic sound at Herodion – Statements from the rock stars


The legendary voices of AC/DC – Dave Evans, MOODY BLUES – Justin Hayward, MIKE OLDFIELD BAND – Maggie Reilly, come for the first time to Herodion for a unique classic rock night.

As they themselves stated in their interviews, they are excited to be at Herodios and sing favorite hits that have nourished generations and generations.

Dave Evans

“Always have positive energy and enjoy life. Every moment of life.”

“Actually, it’s my first time in Greece. I am very excited about it. I’m a fan of history. I have visited many historical places all over the world. And I always wanted to go to Greece too. The Acropolis is a very well-known, very famous monument, and I’m very excited to perform there, very excited to be there.”

Justin Hayward

“I’m happy that I made music from my heart and not under pressure. It’s part of my life.”

“From the time I made my first record in 1964 I realized that my life would be a musical journey around the world. I really liked this. I am very happy to come to Herodion and especially with this amazing orchestra”.

Maggie Reilly

“I can’t wait to live the experience of a concert at the Herodeion under the Acropolis. The last time we came to Greece we were in a van, going from place to place, eating and then playing live.”

“It’s amazing how kids still love these songs, which are passed down from generation to generation!”

On Friday, September 29, 2023, we will experience the brightest night of September, where the stars of Rock and the moon of classical sound will illuminate the stage of Herodei with their brilliance, in a musical experience of a lifetime for the spectators of Athens who will have the luck to be at the most important artistic event of the summer, Classic Rock 7.

Book your tickets in time for the night when Rock meets symphonic sound at Herodeo.

Classic Rock 7 at Herodeion with strong guests, ambassadors of the original Rock sound, a strong orchestra and the biggest rock hits, in a completely new explosive playlist!

This year’s guests are charismatic and iconic personalities of the rock music scene and come for the first time to sing under the Athenian sky and the Acropolis.

DAVE EVANS, the first singer and co-founder of the legendary group AC/DC, 50 years since their formation, will perform songs from stations such as TNT and Highway to hell as well as covers that AC/DC played on their first tour !!!

JUSTIN HAYWARD, the original unsurpassed voice of the MOODY BLUES, with unique tracks such as Nights in White Satin and Tuesday Afternoon. The Moody Blues’ unique style of music has been a constant presence on the radio throughout the years and continues to light up concert arenas worldwide.

MAGGIE REILLY, the lead voice of MIKE OLDFIELD’s band, who performed the famous tracks Moonlight shadow and France. In addition to her favorite hits with Mike Oldfield, she will also perform the all-time famous track Everytime we touch, which launched her career in 1992, as well as other hits of her own.

And the experience takes off with the powerful symphonic sound of the State Orchestra of Athens under the direction of Nikos Haliasas and the dynamics of the electric band from:

Damopoulos Kostantinos: Keyboards

Kalantzakos Thodoris: Electric Guitar

Kalantzakos Loukas : Drums

Giorgos Fakanas: Bass

Live this September the ultimate Classic Rock musical experience for the 7th year in a row!




INFORMATION: 210 7298930


Phone 210 7234567

Also at the ticket offices of ticket services or the Hellenic Festival University 39 and at the ticket offices of Herodeion

The article is in Greek

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