Vasso Laskarakis: “The fact that we are allies with Yiannis Tsimitselis makes me sleep peacefully at night”

Vasso Laskarakis: “The fact that we are allies with Yiannis Tsimitselis makes me sleep peacefully at night”
Vasso Laskarakis: “The fact that we are allies with Yiannis Tsimitselis makes me sleep peacefully at night”

Vaso Laskaraki granted an interview in full to “Pame Danae” and Aris Kavatzikis.

Initially, the actress mentioned the series “Mary, Mary, Mary”, in which she stars.

“It was a nice experience, with suspense and peppery situations reminiscent of old Greek cinema,” he said.

There are many questions she receives from her daughter, Eva: “My daughter has asked me where the children come from. I answered her from the mother’s belly, because I had a caesarean section to bring her into the world. I have spoken to Eva about the process of childbirth, but not about the method of conception.’

“Kids are confronted with diversity and gender, and often ask, for example, ‘can a girl like another girl?’ I tell her it’s not weird for a boy to like another boy, it’s feelings. I don’t direct my child, but I want to let him talk to me. I must first listen to how the child sees diversity, so as not to convey something strange, scary or bad to him. We have many discussions with Eva on the occasion of Ada, Christina Kontova’s daughter, because she experienced her adoption process up close,” he said.

“We are allies with Yiannis Tsimitselis”

Vaso Laskaraki then referred to the accident she had when she fell down the stairs and injured her leg.

“I learned that I have a lot of patience and resistance to standing still, because I fell down the stairs, alone at home, drinking water at the same time. I was at home with Eva when I fell, she heard a bang, panicked and was spinning around saying “Eva calm down!”. Tears were running from my eyes from the pain, I couldn’t even move.”

Vaso Laskaraki also mentioned her breakup with Yiannis Tsimitselis and how it affected their relationship with their daughter.

“I give credit to myself for the way we managed our separation with Yiannis Tsimitselis in relation to Eva, with our mistakes, the good and the bad. When we disagree with Giannis about something that concerns Eva, we will first discuss it, we will reach a conclusion and then the child will enter into the decision.”

“Many times outsiders – friends or lawyers – can influence you and make your head hurt, because you may be going through a thousand or two things. After a breakup you have to go through all the stages, but the track called child must always be left out. With the person you’ve walked with up to a point and had a child with, you never stop being family, you need the other with you,” he said.

“I have my husband who supports me and John has his man who supports him, but the biological parents of a child should always be allies. The fact that we are allies with Giannis makes me sleep peacefully at night and that also makes my child sleep peacefully at night”, he added.

As the actress revealed, when she fell in love with Lefteris Soultatos, she panicked. What was it that helped her unblock?

“At the beginning of our relationship with Lefteris, when I panicked about falling in love, he shook me up about what I ultimately want in my life. When I was stuck and scared, because we went to start a family having already had families, Lefteris shocked me with his words and let me think. He tells me even now, that “if I had left you then, we might not have been together”.

For Vasso Laskarakis, the challenge of the mixed family succeeded. As she said, “it’s worth trying when you have a second chance, family is a matter of choice.”

“I took a test for…”

Vaso Laskaraki is in discussions for television, while after 9 years she is also discussing theater.

“I did a test for “5X5″ on ANT1. I really wanted to see what this was like, a test for something else that wasn’t fiction. The test for the TV game was interesting and scary, I understood at the same time what the live program is like, since they talk in your ear”, he said.

The article is in Greek

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