Giorgos Benos: “I faced bullying, I received threatening beatings


THE George Benos found himself invited to Night Out and talked about everything to Theoharis Ioannidis. The young actor talked about Maestro and his great success, while also confessing the bullying he faced at a young age.

“The negatives of growing up in a closed society are that the other person will very easily say something about you, they will judge you, there is this “what will the world say”. It makes me furious what people will say, I don’t know why I didn’t say this before. Who cares what I say, how I dress or who I hang out with.

In high school because I hung out too much with girls and less with boys, I was repeatedly pointed at. They were saying why is he hanging out with girls now, is he gay? It doesn’t matter if you are or aren’t, the point is why should anyone get into the process of judging you. They have learned that in order to fit into society, they imagine that a boy should hang out with boys and a girl with girls. I took this very seriously.

It created a closure for me and this became an occasion to accept some bullying. I received threatening beatings in my books. Now I’m over it, I haven’t forgotten it. It was very difficult then. I made the mistake of not confiding in anyone. I was ashamed to tell my parents,” Giorgos Benos confessed.

“I feel lucky and grateful that this text came from Christoforos Papakaliatis. I can only feel proud. I wish some things only existed in fiction. It was not pleasant for me to receive messages from children who may have experienced similar situations and who are ashamed of who they are,” said the talented actor.

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