Giorgos Benos: The confession of the Maestro actor

Giorgos Benos: The confession of the Maestro actor
Giorgos Benos: The confession of the Maestro actor

THE George Benos who became widely known through the series “Maestro” crossed the threshold of the show “Night Out” with Theoharis Ioannidis and talked about the closed society in which he grew up and the comments he heard.

“He had a lot of good, but also a lot of bad. The good thing is that I grew up in a neighborhood and played outside with my friends. The negatives are that you grow up in a society that will easily say something about you, will judge you and there is this thing that people will say about you. This makes me furious. I heard it a lot and always disagreed. What does the other person care what I do, what I say or how I dress and who I hang out with? In middle school, let’s say, because I hung out a lot with girls and less with boys, this was often the reason for pointing the finger at me. Why is he hanging out with girls? Is he gay? It’s not a matter of whether you are or not, but why the other person starts the process of judging you by something,” the actor argued.

“They’ve learned that to be part of a society, a boy has to hang out with the boys and a girl with the girls. I took it very seriously around 15. This created a closure for me and became the reason to accept some bullying. I had slips of paper in the books that after the end of the lesson I would… Menacing. Now I’ve gotten over it, but I haven’t forgotten it,” he said George Benos explaining how he was helped by the fact that he talked to his sister.

“I made the mistake of not confiding in someone of mine… I wasted a lot of time not telling. I was scared and ashamed to tell my family. It was definitely a mistake not to. The reason I got over it is because I told my big sister and she said don’t be ashamed of anything and it’s not a bad thing to tell mom and dad since they’re there for us. From there I started to manage things much better” confessed George Benos.

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