King Charles steps in as ‘mediator’ Archbishop for Harry’s coronation

King Charles steps in as ‘mediator’ Archbishop for Harry’s coronation
King Charles steps in as ‘mediator’ Archbishop for Harry’s coronation

King Charles has apparently decided he wants his son Prince Harry to finally attend his coronation in May. He even asked the Archbishop of Canterbury to intercede so that Harry could attend the ceremony, however William… disagreed.

According to a report in the Mail on Sunday, King Charles is constantly asking Archbishop Justin Welby to mediate in order to reach an agreement between his warring sons. So maybe Prince Harry and his wife Meghan could decide to attend the ceremony at Westminster Abbey in May, palace sources say.

According to the same publication, Charles is considering giving a televised interview before the coronation.

Of course, the king wants his son to attend the coronation because he believes that his possible absence would distract the public’s attention from the coronation ceremony and would not have the… “lights on him”.

However, William fears that if Harry’s visit is not strictly organized and planned, it could steal impressions and harm the image of the palace, for example, if he and Meghan visited a run-down area of ​​London.

The… mediating archbishop

Archbishop Welby, who will perform the ceremony at Westminster Abbey, has been called upon for the first time to act… as a mediator between William and Harry.

In the past he was even involved again when Meghan claimed in a TV interview that she had secretly married them before their official wedding in 2018 and he was forced to clarify to the public that the ceremony that was broadcast to the world was the legal marriage.

She was also forced to withdraw from the Church’s General Synod in July 2019 in order to baptize the couple’s son, Archie.

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