Survivor All Star – Stavroula Chrysaeidi is furious with her teammates – “Xeftiles”

Survivor All Star – Stavroula Chrysaeidi is furious with her teammates – “Xeftiles”
Survivor All Star – Stavroula Chrysaeidi is furious with her teammates – “Xeftiles”

Survivor All Star: Stavroula is furious with the subgroup that votes for women.

The names found in the ballot box of the Reds in yesterday’s council of the island and especially hers Elenis Haberisthey made her furious Stavroula Chrysaeidi.

Spiros Martikas may have finally been found in the place of the candidate to leave, but the Celebrity player broke out against a subgroup, four as she said of boys, who vote for women.

He said in detail: “I have one thing to say about yesterday’s council: You are out of your mind. This. Only this, we really see so many who say “we will vote competitively, we want players who are weak in the taco to come out, the strong ones don’t come out to win immunities, food”… nothing. This is what I see, four boys and one girl have become a group and they vote for me women, which women bring the most points. So now we’re going to go completely crazy.”

Venus: We are not interested in love, but if we will eat

Rage at the red team for the player encounters in the jungle. the “relaxed” attitude of the Blues for the duo Karolina – Marios as well as Marialena with Sakis, this attitude also worries Aphrodite Skafidas.

In a conversation with Asimina Hatziandreou, she expressed her concern and then said:

What saddens me the most is the laxity of the blues when it comes to penalties. they didn’t understand the gravity of the events, that one of their players is meeting with one of our players or rather two of their teammates with two of our players because we dealt more with one unfortunately… Everyone was talking about love, we don’t care about love but whether we will eat».

Bartzis suffered… Kalogirou: “It’s a lot of money, Saki”

For good, it seems that the feud between him has ignited Nikos Bartzis and his Saki Katsoulis.

After yesterday’s statements by Bartzis, who appeared angry about his teammate’s behavior both towards him and in relation to what has been done with Marialena, today… we had a continuation.

“I asked him if he remembers that he called me a slut and that tomatoes will be thrown at me and I will go back to my village… and he says no and I say look him in the eyes and tell me as if people don’t remember…” he said Nikos Bartzis to his teammates.

And then he burst out on camera: “When the other person looks into my eyes, I want him to tell me the truth, and this man was not telling me the truth. Why; Because it’s a lot of money, my Saki».

Karolina for Nikos Bartzis: “He probably has years to love”

Intensely annoyed Karolina Kalyva by Nikos Bartzis for what he has stated about his bond Saki Katsoulis and her Marialena Roumeliotis.

The Celebrity player appeared particularly upset about the encounters the pair allegedly had in the jungle and Carolina commented on what he said yesterday.

“If he had your girlfriend on the other team dude what would you do”said Karolina in a dialogue she had with Marialena about Nikos Bartzis. “Hand on heart Marialena I believe she would do worse. He probably has years to love and has forgotten what it’s like”she characteristically added.

“They do it because Sakis is the best player and they cannot do away with it in any other way, because it gives no right”Marialena said for her part.

In the meantime, after the end of yesterday’s Council, Nikos Bartzis discussed the exact same issue with his teammates on the beach.

Everyone understood what I meant and the others did it calmly… The other one was talking to me about love and romance. What do I care about love, flowers and butterflies.
I care about eating here“, emphasized Nikos Bartzis.

Marialena for Bartzis: “He flipped the burger and betrayed Eleni”

Last night’s episode of Survivor All Star and the fact that the Eleni Haberi she was close to being nominated to leave the Reds, causing reactions in her camp Team blue.

Marialena Roumeliotis turned against Nikos Bartzis, saying among other things about betrayal and how he flipped the… burger.

Specifically, the player of the Fighters initially said: “I want to talk about the Reds’ vote because they judged us not to vote competitively and they made a fool of us. And the quintet that Eleni voted for was the quintet of Martikas, Stathis, Bartzis, Aphrodite. Completely set up.

I feel sad for Bartzis because turned the burger upside down, as he also says. In our game, he called Eleni “cool”, his friend, he wanted her to be a winner, not just “cool” and he said “bring our and now he betrayed her”.

In the meantime, regarding the attitude of the Reds regarding Sakis, she said “They are doing it because Sakis is the best player and they can’t explain it in another way, because it doesn’t give a right”, Marialena said for her part.

Survivor All Star Spoiler: The Team That Wins Today (1/24) – These are candidates for elimination

Disputes and tensions have begun and have no… end to Survivor All Star. In fact, these do not only concern players from opposing teams.

It is indicative that what happened between Marios Priamos and Karolina Kalyva, with Sakis Katsoulis and Marialena Roumeliotis “covering” them according to the other players, has lit “fires” in the Saint Dominic. Nikos Bartzis and Spyros Martikas aimed their arrows mainly at Sakis Katsoulis, while Asimina Hatziandreou fought against Karolina Kalyva. All this, while the two teams fight hard in every game to ensure immunity.

In the episode of Tuesday (23/1) the “Fighters” managed to equalize, they did 1-1 and so the reds voted for their own candidate. After a “hot” Council of the Island, the Spyros Martikas he was the one who emerged from the ballot box and is a candidate to leave with him Takis Karagounias.

The question, now, is which team will manage to do it today (24/1). 2-1 at immunities and force the opponent to produce two candidates! According to the leaks from Santo Domingo, this time the “Famous” they return and today’s immunity is dyed… red. This means that the blue they go to the Island Council again to vote and this data will bring an upheaval to the group.

The information states that the George Asimakopoulos will be the third candidate to leave the Survivor All Star. The four will be closed by a woman who has been in the spotlight in the last 24 hours. The reason for her Karolina Kalyva, who will go out on the “taco” and is expected to be quite at risk based on the negative comments towards her, for everything they have with Mario Priam. Of course, there are former Survivor players like Triantafyllos who have different view of how exits arise based on the “wants” of production.

In any case, the quartet of candidates will be the Takis Karagounias, Spyros Martikas, George Asimakopoulos and Karolina Kalyva. It will be especially interesting to see how the public votes, while also waiting for new players to enter the game that will give new interest and increase the levels of … intrigue in Survivor All Star.

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