Natasha Bofiliou, London and the hasty trolls

Natasha Bofiliou, London and the hasty trolls
Natasha Bofiliou, London and the hasty trolls

Her posts have caused unprecedented and unjustified reactions in the last 24 hours Natassas Bofiliou on Instagram, in which he poses on his streets London.

In particular, the popular artist was in the capital of Great Britain with his team of Greek fashion brand Nidodileda and was photographed wearing the clothes they have launched for this year’s winter collection called IN MEDIAS RES. In many of the frames, taken by the professional photographer Antoni Agridoposes with the company’s Creative Director Antonia Mitroudis and with her sister Nelli Bofiliou.

This photograph “ignited” the blood of hundreds of social media users who rushed to attack and condemn her, calling her a “hypocrite” and a “leftist with right-wing pockets” who “fights capitalism from the trenches of London”. The reason; The fact that Natassa Bofiliou has expressed her leftist viewsbut also her social and humanitarian beliefs.

To know before we speak

First, let’s get some things straight, as those who indulged in the vile attack and extreme ranting against Natassa Bofiliou, it seems that either they are ignorant of her personality and her work either that they want to get off their nerves somewhere or that they wish to reduce the photographing of Bofiliou to a political confrontation, since most of the comments match the “blue” narrative about the difference between right and left, while several come from “troll” accounts.

Those of us who know Natassa Bofiliou know how has been working with the Nidodileda company for yearsas well as that the company designs the clothes for her concerts, while the collaboration between the singer and the brand is not of a profit-making nature, since the artist wishes to support the specific brand, which is GreekIn this way.

Also, Natassa Bofiliou greatly appreciates the fact that both she and Antonia Mitroudi are two women who started from scratch and they managed to write a brilliant course each in their field, one in the field of music and the other in the field of fashion. So, simply put, the two women support each other in their own way.

If her detractors would even bother to look up the fashion label, they would see that Nidodileda has long since announced the their joint trip to Londonbut also the solidarity that pervades their relationship.

“Natassa is a story in itself that we started reading – getting to know her from the middle, but eager for her to tell us the beginning herself and to accompany her in the future. After all, this is what our winter collection this year, IN MEDIAS RES. And therefore the joy is great that the same she accepted to become the star of thes. A pure gaze, a voice that awakens unspeakable emotions, a classic beauty that remains timeless, embroidered with sensations that inspire. This is our Natasha. @natassabofiliouofficial And since she always takes us on a journey with her every verse, we decided to take her on a trip to London“, the brand wrote on Instagram at the end of November.

“Between the third and fourth parts of the collection, surrounded by friends who descriptively fill the senses with images and moments. Walks, conversations and discovery. People with whom we share creation and openness. And a trip we’ve long wanted to be with . for company”he wrote earlier that month.

Additionally, the photo shoot that took place in London with Nidodileda’s clothes, she is not the first which has been done. Natassa Bofiliou has been photographed again with Nidodileda creations both in the center of Athens, at Ble Papagalo, and on the island of Folegandros in the summer of 2021. At the time, in fact, the brand had carried out a series of photo shoots with the artist and her sister on Instagram, noting: “A friendship that became love based on respect and appreciation, travels to Folegandros”.

The hypocrisy of those who were disturbed

In conclusion, Natassa Bofiliou was in London for work. And indeed for a job that dozens of other artists do through their social media and, in fact, most of the time it’s about paid collaborations.

However, even if her trip was not professional, what we care about and what problem we have; Did he go with stolen money or should he give us an account of where he will travel, who he will hang out with and what he will wear? Whatever she wants she will do, both Bofiliu and each one of us who has dignity and does not harm his fellow man.

The tragic irony in all this, of course, is none other than that how stereotyped we have made the left man in our minds. According to the comments attacking Natassa Bofiliou, a leftist should only move around in Exarchia, wear cheap and old clothes, live in poverty, eat bread and olives every day or even live in caves. Not going out, not spending, not traveling, not enjoying life. Of course, freedom, justice and love for one’s fellow man are concepts unknown to the left, because your standard of living makes you a leftist.

Alongside, the hypocrisy of those who were disturbed from the photo shoot, is much greater than the hypocrisy they think they “charge” to Natassa Bofiliou. They talk about values, about capitalism, about revolution, about how it helps to make society equal. Meanwhile, the same people they are those who in the elections will prefer to go for a bath instead of voting, who when they hear voices from the next house, they will close the shutters, who when they see an injustice in front of their eyes, they will say “where to mess now?” and they will overtake.

In closing, Natassa Bofiliou can do what she wants, when and how she wants, whether for work or personal pleasure, and has nothing to prove to anyone, nor does he owe us anything. At the moment when her critics “hit” her in droves, it is hopeful that a large portion of her colleagues support her, speaking of an extraordinary and giving person, who has helped many people and artists, without shouting it or becoming a “spectacle”. .

In the meantime, we will wait for more photos from her trip to London…

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