They burn and tear Balenciaga products, after the sadomasochistic teddy bear campaign

They burn and tear Balenciaga products, after the sadomasochistic teddy bear campaign
They burn and tear Balenciaga products, after the sadomasochistic teddy bear campaign

Social media has been filled with videos and photos of torn shoes, spilled dresses and burnt bags all bearing the brand name of the luxury house, Balenciaga. At the same time, the hashtag cancelBalenciaga is trending on Twitter and TikTok.

The reason why influencers in related videos on social media are destroying the expensive products of the fashion house, Balenciaga, is the “Gift Shop” campaign that the house launched, which showed kids posing holding bags of teddy bears adorned with BDSM accessories.

As if that wasn’t enough, some more observant people saw scattered documents about child pornography laws in the campaign plan. The photo shoot contains documents that were used as campaign props and were from the 2008 Supreme Court case, United States v. Williams, which dealt with child abuse.

After the public outcry, the company apologized. “We would like to address the controversy surrounding our recent advertising campaigns. We strongly condemn child abuse and it was never our intention to include it in our narrative,” the house said in a statement.

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He added: “The two separate advertising campaigns under review reflect a series of serious errors for which Balenciaga accepts responsibility.”

However, this “apology” does not seem to have moved, since more and more people are “turning their backs” on the house.

Kim Kardashian “reviews” the collaboration with the house

Kim Kardashian, who works with the company, also came under fire for not taking a stand on the issue sooner. However, she finally “broke her silence” with a tweet where she wrote: “As a mother of four, I am shocked by the disturbing images. The safety of children requires the highest respect and anyone who attempts to normalize any form of child abuse has no place in our society. End of story”.

Regarding the future of Kim’s collaboration with Balenciaga, she stated that she will review her relationship with the house, basing it on their willingness to accept responsibility for something that should not have happened in the first place, and “the actions I expect to see them take to protect the children”, as she characteristically stated in closing her tweet.

On the other hand, Kim acknowledges to the house the fact that she deleted and downloaded the specific campaign from everywhere, and that it shows that she has understood how serious the specific issue is.

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