Balenciaga: Campaign sued – Uproar over child ad – Newsbomb – News

Balenciaga: Campaign sued – Uproar over child ad – Newsbomb – News
Balenciaga: Campaign sued – Uproar over child ad – Newsbomb – News

His campaigns by Balenciaga showed two little girls holding stuffed animals dressed in what resembled some BDSM outfits

The House Balenciaga filed a lawsuit against North Six, the production company that handled the logistics for its controversial ad campaign featuring children and set designer Nicholas Des Jardins, seeking $25 million in damages.

His campaigns by Balenciaga they showed two little girls holding stuffed animals dressed in what resembled some BDSM outfits. Last week the house’s controversial campaigns caught the attention of Twitter users, who criticized the fashion house.

The house’s Spring 2023 ad also includes a page from a US Supreme Court ruling banning child pornography.

North Six, for its part, points out that it had not undertaken the specific advertising campaign but managed the logistics for the Spring ’23 collection with an office business theme.

Court documents state that Mr House of Balenciaga wants “to seek compensation for extensive damages incurred in connection with an advertising campaign for which Balenciaga hired (North Six) to produce”.

The company alleges that, without its knowledge or permission, the defendants “included some documents in the campaign photos”. THE House of Balenciagahowever, has not taken legal action against Adidas, which was a partner in one of the campaigns.

“Members of the public, including the news media, have falsely and egregiously linked Balenciaga to the repulsive and deeply troubling subject matter of the judgment.”the documents state.

As a result, the defendants are liable for “all damages resulting from this false association.” This includes $25 million in monetary damages.

THE House of Balenciaga had apologized for the campaign and said it took the matter “very seriously”.

Italian photographer Gabriele Galimberti, who was commissioned to shoot the campaigns, said he could not comment on his choices. Balenciaga.

He emphasized that “he did not have the right to choose in any way neither the products, nor the models, nor their combination. As a photographer, I was only asked to capture the given scene and take the shots according to my style. As usual, the direction of the campaign and the shoot is not in the hands of the photographer.”

The house, for its part, said in a statement that “we strongly condemn child abuse in any form”. It was followed by a separate statement in which it again apologizes for the way the children appeared in the holiday campaign ads.

It is recalled that the case started a while ago, when the Spanish fashion house presented its festive campaign “Toy Stories”, which was shot by the National Geographic photographer, Gabriele Galimberti.

The imagery of this ad campaign resembles Galimberti’s previous work featuring children surrounded by their toys. In this case, however, the children were photographed near wine glasses and other adult items, while holding teddy bears dressed in fishnet tops and leather thongs.

The incident was followed by strong reactions from social media users.

THE Kim Kardashianwhich she often wears Balenciaga and has appeared in many of the house’s campaigns, she said in a statement yesterday that “I am currently re-examining my relationship with the company based on their willingness to accept responsibility for something they should never have started” and “the actions I expect to see them take to protect children.”

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