Evelyn Kazantzoglou: This is her partner, Muhammad Ali


THE Evelyn Kazantzoglou is full of love lately, despite the fact that she wants to keep her personal life out of the public eye.

The well-known fashion influencer with thousands of followers on Instagram has maintained a relationship for the last year with Mohamed Ali, who is the general director of operations of the Panas Group, while at the same time he is behind the sophisticated and at the same time magical nights of the Athenian Riviera.

Evelyn Kazantzoglou has openly admitted her new relationship, however she does not want to talk so much about what she lives in her personal life.

“Yes there is a man. Isn’t this thing so cool? Have them separated! Have the personal part and be respected by the people around you. And the professional part, the one that you share with the whole world and that the world respects that too. Enough (time counts in the relationship). I won’t tell you much…” the Influncer and model had admitted on the show “With love Christiana”.

The two are more in love than ever, while a few days ago they completed a happy relationship year. Evelyn Kazantzoglou and Muhammad Ali love to do many things together and especially travel which is their biggest passion.

In fact, the photographic lens of the magazine HELLO! captured them in a rare appearance in the center of Athens, walking hand in hand.

Photo: Yannis Evangelou

“In my personal life, I’ve been with a man for a while now that I respect, love and admire, so I think if I say I’m full I think that’s your title” the influencer has confessed about her relationship.

“I started my journey in the catering industry in 2018, in Mykonos. Before that, I was employed in the shipping industry, as a ship expert, but I remember being intrigued by this field since I was a small child. I have always loved cooking and the creativity required for each dish, the smells, the bright colors, seeing people dancing and having a good time, the loud music, the lights and last but not least the hospitality, something that has been imprinted on me subconsciously from a very young age, growing up in a family where hospitality has always been a key feature.

It was inevitable that I would do what I really loved. I was in the clubbing scene from the age of 18, where I played and wrote electronic music. Starting my day the first thing I always do is put on music, loud. I grew up with music and tunes. I play guitar, piano and drums. With these influences one could say that inevitably “music chose me” Muhammad Ali has stated in his interview with Philippa Dimitriadis.

See photos of Muhammad Ali’s daily life:

Photos: Instagram

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