‘We became numbers for the sake of numbers’

‘We became numbers for the sake of numbers’
‘We became numbers for the sake of numbers’

Almost a month has passed since wedding of Mauritius Mauritius and Ilaira Zisi in Cypruswhich was an event of great interest and caused much discussion.

The much-discussed couple has garnered hundreds of looks over the past few months and has gone viral a few times, with Maurikios Maurikiou doing his self-criticism and conclude that they exaggerated in their report and that the situation got out of hand.

“It’s magical to get away from harsh reality. You’ll say to me, ‘You made the play work like that.'” Sometimes, some things just happen by themselves.. For better or worse, this story went viral. And I’m saying it now, making a little self-criticism, because it’s mostly my fault. In her effort not to upset Ileira, she said “yes” to everything, until the situation got out of hand”, said Maurikios Maurikiou on the show “Super Katerina”.

“We exposed a little too much to a lot, some things. If I could do it again, I would do it differently.”he said in a confessional tone.

“There are many who took advantage of Ilaira and Mauritius. Who tried to make numbers on them, not caring, sometimes, if they make them look like numbers”he added.

The statements of the couple:

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