I had thought about becoming a mother, got pregnant and miscarried

I had thought about becoming a mother, got pregnant and miscarried
I had thought about becoming a mother, got pregnant and miscarried

The moving confession of Joyce Evidis on the show “pame Danae” about losses, depression, failures, relaxation of her vocal chords & her relationship with Queen Elizabeth.

The actress Joyce Eveidis spoke about the field of acting, but also about her professional life.


“When I’m not working, I don’t give interviews, it seems like a very strange situation to me, I’ve been away for about two years. The last two years have been depressing, because suddenly you become a housewife.

I had no idea that I would play comedy, at the drama school we begged Michalis Reppa to give us something dramatic and they laughed. I’m a crazy person who has a lot of drama and a lot of comedy in me, but also a lot of depression, I fall easily”, said Joyce Eveidi.


“When you have no alternative and you have to work a hundred jobs and be pleasant, you are not allowed to fall.

I have also done unsuccessful ones, and a series that was cut to 16 episodes, it was called “how sweet you are killing me”, there were very few of you who saw it”, he added.

About the moments of embarrassment she has experienced, but also about the things that bother her, Joyce Eveidi said that, “the easy intimacy from a person who doesn’t sit well with me as chemistry, bothers me. I got slapped on the back, an old woman who was eating fish grabbed me by the face.”

“I think that deep down I didn’t want to have a wife and children, although it crossed my mind, as I had become pregnant and I had aborted for a while I was talking about having a child, but things turned upside down in my relationship and the fact was removed.

There was never a man I trusted to be the father of my child”, Joyce Evidis confessed to the camera of “Pame Danae”.

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