Reactions from the ad for unpaid work

Reactions from the ad for unpaid work
Reactions from the ad for unpaid work

Reactions were caused by the post of the actor Christos Vassilopoulos in which he is looking for actors for a new production, without being paid.

More specifically, he mentions that he invites students and professionals to participate in filming “without payment” but promises that “the production will keep their resumes” while committing that those who participate “will gain experience working alongside experienced professionals”.

After the criticism he received, he replied that “it is reasonable” that the actors should not be paid, since he himself will not receive any money.

Bibilas: “Never work without money – Respect yourself”

“Colleagues. Never work for no money just to be on a stage or in front of a camera. It’s the most uncooperative thing you can do. Even if you have money from another source, don’t accept to drag the cart of a show, a movie, or a serial on your back. Don’t accept such humiliation. Act like a professional. Theater, cinema, television, are professions other than dreams. You will have to live by them don’t forget it. Many of us have repeatedly done this and paid dearly for it. Don’t repeat decades of mistakes anymore. Respect yourself so that everyone will respect you. (Of course I’m not addressing small theater groups that share equally in profits arising from their performances)”, emphasized the president of SEH.

Eleni Gerasimidou: “These are outrageous – No one should go”

The actress Eleni Gerasimidou emphasized that “I would never respond to such an ad, not even in my early years. I wish Mr. Vassilopoulos a good career, I had him in high esteem. This is outrageous stuff. No one should go for any reason. I didn’t have to do that. It’s one thing to all fight together for something, and another thing to be called to a professional job, without pay. We will make a career with our own strength. It wasn’t a misstatement, these things happen. Things are getting wild and we have to get stronger.”

Sotiris Hatzakis: “Don’t go”

The actor Sotiris Hatzakis emphasized: “This incident is a wonderful opportunity to deal with the hot labor issues of the field. This post makes me think and I would like to know who is the producer who makes this production and how they do not know that when someone goes to work, that there are institutional mechanisms such as the Labor Inspection, which are mobilized. It’s not that I’m going to do volunteer work for the loggerhead turtle, it’s that I’m going to work under certain conditions. I say to these children who have a despair Don’t go children! You don’t have to go.”

“I don’t understand why all this cannibalism”

After the outcry the actor came back stating that “no member of the production will be paid” and that “they are not forcing anyone to take part”.

“Let me inform you who are salivating that neither I, nor any of the directing and production team will be paid. We don’t force anyone to take part and we are clear from the start. So I don’t understand where is the shame and where is the fault. Equally, those who will participate in the shooting will have the opportunity to get to know the director. I don’t think I need to mention that even today, when I send my auditions to the directors, consuming time and money, I don’t get paid either.

To clear things up a bit. Let me start with the fact that neither I nor anyone else is getting paid for this short shoot. Second, we are not asking anyone to come by force. Third, the word short shoot means that we will bring as many students/actors as we need on set for half an hour, at most an hour and a half. We will not hire 8-hour and 10-hour actors. Let me make it clear that I am one of the first actors who, speaking with people from the Greek Actors’ Association, said and I was clear that no one, no one should go to work in a theater. But no one. I am fortunate enough to have worked for and be a member of the Screen Actors Guild of America and I embrace the rights of colleagues 100%

No one should work, or rehearse, or work on a regular set of a series or in the theater.

So here, we are talking about a small press shoot, an hour, an hour and a half, in which the actor-student will have the opportunity to show what he can do to the director. Honestly, I don’t understand what all this cannibalism is for. I did not make this post with the intention of exploiting anyone, just like that. I believe that whoever comes will give himself a chance to develop.

I am sincerely sorry to see comments from young colleagues, as well as more experienced ones, full of bile and negativity. I feel sorry for the culture and cannibalism of Greece. I believe that if a director or casting director had posted this particular post, all those shoplifted actors who made a summer hit and tell the long and the short of it would run to leave a resume. If I tell you how many hours I have worked hard and still work hard at this job, you will cry. We are not doing an office job where you have an employer. When I send my audition to so-and-so director, I’ve put in my time, too. But no one guarantees me that I will close the job. So what should I say? Ahhh, no you’re going to pay me for my time spent auditioning, or I’m not doing it. Wake up, then, wake up.”

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